23 November 2018

White Friday

No snow again last day after Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean I went black.

The mountains had snow.

High-altitude lakes were frozen.

Which allowed me to shoot my November Reign sunrise over icy white Echo Lake.

The clouds were white once the sun climbed higher in the sky.

The milkweed seed... oh, my!!!

My white picotee amaryllis didn't bloom until the end of January, but I captured a special white sky photo with the twin blossoms when they did open, just for today's blog post.

My white project for the day was the snowflake rug made from white (and all shades of off-white) T-shirts. The quilt is forthcoming, but it won't be ALL white.

The Epsom salts soak with lavender oil, spearmint oil and rosemary oil to finish off the day... Aaaaaah!

1 comment :

  1. A fine way to end the day. If you want snow and frozen things though, you can have ours. Tons of ice about. Can sure be slippery when out.


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