29 November 2018

The Bowl of Life

A few months ago, I bought my fall bulbs. I planned to pull up all my rocks with crochet coverings and all the red rock I've incorporated into my garden, thin out the irises, plant the bulbs, and establish new flower triangles, like I did the first year, before putting down another layer of soil. Then I'd have fun redesigning with the red rocks and the rocks with crochet coverings.

Well, none of that happened, and it's not likely to happen now, with our first ice box of the season hitting full force next week.

One of the bags of hyacinth bulbs, which I'd placed in the veggie drawer in the fridge, got moldy. This had always worked before, and I could pull out a new bulb every month and have forced indoor hyacinths in glass jars all winter long, making my house smell heavenly. I was pretty discouraged to lose 10 blue flower bulbs.

indoor  blossoms

I didn't want to risk losing the exotic hyacinth and daffodil bulbs I didn't get in the ground, so I planted them in a terra cotta bowl!

This bowl contains 9 or 10 of the Holland blue/white hyacinth mix and four of the exotic daffodil bulbs! After they bloom, I can still put them in the garden, and next year, I'll have more hyacinths than ever in the garden!


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  1. You sure know how to get them to grow and always more in the next year is a win. Not so much a win on the snow though.


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