01 November 2018

Quilty Little Not-So Secrets

This meme inspired me... holy cow... three years ago!!! But I was on vacation, my blog posts were scheduled for the next few weeks, and I actually got into finish mode for so long, I forgot about this list.

Hopefully, it's not too late to run mine now...

Following 13 Spools' lead:

1. I've broken needles and pins sewing over pins. I, therefore, no longer sew over pins. Ever.

2. I iron. I press. I scorch. I cause color bleeds. I iron with tap water steam. I keep a spray bottle of tap water on my ironing board. I adhere to Ricky Tims' caveman philosophy... Press the heck out of it, and then press it some more if it still doesn't lay flat!

3. When hand-quilting (except for my sister-in-law's quilt), I still hand baste on a quilt frame my husband built for me, and I baste from the center out in a big X, then go row-by-row in whatever direction suits my mood.

4. I pre-wash almost all my fabrics; most are purchased for clothing, and I don't want them shrinking after I put a good two or three days into making a new favorite garment. Leftovers are for quilting. However, I don't pre-wash pre-cuts. That would be just crazy!

5. I love hand-basting. I have spray-basted and pin-basted. When I first wrote this list, I hated pin-basting. Now, it's grown on me.

6. Gütermann is my favorite thread, except for crochet thread. If I could use crochet thread for quilting, I would. I bet Valdani would work up nicely. (My sister-in-law's quilt is being hand-quilted with perle embroidery floss!)

7. I like warm, natural, white, snow, sand, pearl, ivory, eggshell, dove, ecru, cream, beige, linen, cotton, antique, parchment, cloud, mist, bone, vanilla, marshmallow, almond, garlic, tea-stained, low-impact, and most of all, all together in one project! I don't like how the seams can sometimes show through, though, in a finished quilt. OH!!! You meant batting?!? I thought you meant color...

8. I love log cabin quilts, just about any way they come. Love pineapple quilts, too.

9. I think drawing with a long arm would be so much fun and a great way to doodle on fabric. Hope I get the chance one day, I mean, other than at a quilt shop or quilt expo/festival.

10. Although I like some fat quarters and some fat quarter bundles, I'd much prefer to buy fabric by the yard and make my own combinations.

11. I buy batting and thread wherever I can get it cheapest.

12. I might use cheap fabric on the back of a quilt. Or the lining of a dress. Always for the inside pockets of garments.

13. I love scraps. I rarely throw fabric away. What I can't use in quilts, The Lizard can use as a rag in the bike shop (the basement). What's too small for a rag can be used for amigurumi stuffing.

14. I have fabric in storage I haven't looked at in more than 10 years. I'm SLOWLY working on getting through all of it!

15. I love hand-sewing. I love hand-embroidery. I love hand-appliqué. I love putting bindings on by hand, and my hand sewing typically holds up in the wash.

16. I almost always double my thread when hand-sewing.

17. I should change my sewing machine needle and rotary blade more often. I clean the inside of my sewing machine when fiber bunnies start showing up in my stitches.

18. I think most quilts should be used. I don't mind a few that hang on walls, but most should be for cuddling and warmth.

19. Stitching on the underneath should be as beautiful as stitching on top. Got that from my grandmother.

20. Goes without saying... I love hexies!

What about you? Have anything interesting to keep this meme alive and kicking?!?

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  1. I am new at this but I am loving Star blocks. I don't clean my machine until I see bunnies HAHA, I do the same with needles and pins, I don't sew over them any more. I can't throw away scraps either and I have the most wonderful little group of women from around the world that we share fabrics with about 2-3 times a year. I love it.

    1. What a great way to put those scraps to use, Texas Nascar Cowgirl! Perhaps I should find a group that would find joy in six boxes of colorful scraps... :)

  2. haha your storage must be filled to the brim with stuff from 10 years back to now.

    1. My storage is like my own personal fabric store, Pat! I should stop looking at sales and just look at my stash!!!

  3. Love this post!!! Nice to "meet" you. :)

    1. Thank you, Kathy! Nice to "meet" you, too! It was fun to find out we share a thing for embroidery and hexies!


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