06 November 2018

Lava Whisperer

A man in Hawaii came home from work to find lava in his backyard. And then stuck around to film it! Although this might be a pretty scary thing for some, some of the comments (and comments on the comments) on the news coverage cracked me up with fissures of my own!

"You stay here and keep filming; I'll go get help." - Ron

"'Not in my backyard!' 'Yes, in your backyard.'" - Peter W

"Soon you'll be able to buy bags of lava rock at your local Home Depot." - D Merdian

"That sight would make me run to the beach and start swimming towards California." - Abracadabra

"I'd rather die by being melted alive from lava pouring out of a fissure than go to California any day." - Syke

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak." - Nell

"Motivated seller!" - Big Blue

"Won't have to mow the lawn anymore." - Mr.

"FOR SALE: Beautiful, rare 3 bedroom, 2 bath luxury Hawaiian home on 20 acres of lava, priced to sell, open to offers. Available immediately." - David

"I'd be out there with a garden hose." - Smegma

"FOR SALE: Lot on Big Island, a piece of paradise, spectacular views and a flowing stream in the backyard. Hurry! This property won't last long! Schedule a showing today!" - Yourconscience

"Should have plenty of hot water..." - Marvin

"Next on Yard Crashers, we give this boring backyard an explosive Hawaiian theme with a new fire pit. Stay tuned." - David

"Time for another totally awesome game of: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!" - Padre

"The floor is lava. No, seriously, the floor is lava." - Cliff Claven

"Nurse: 'What was the last thing you remember?' The guy filming: 'Telling someone to hold my beer.'" - Benedictus

"I wonder how close you need to be in order to get that perfect golden brown on a marshmallow?" - VR

"Let's invite the neighbors for a cookout!" - Warbirdlover

1 comment :

  1. haha some fun ones there indeed. Not having to mow the lawn any more made me snicker.


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