05 July 2018

WIPped Chaos

What?!? A new quarter?!? Already?!? How did that happen?!?

I knew the spring quarter was coming to an end, but boy, did the end ever sneak up on me!!! No changes from last quarter. Wow.

I really thought I was going to knock at least a couple of WIPs off last quarter's list. Leaf Me Alone is getting SO close, and I was having such a wonderful time with the hand quilting, I dug up Hawaiian Punch, too, and it's ready and waiting its turn.

I also finished layering Snowflake Strip Bar, Teal Shadows, Cool Edge of the Rainbow and Citrus Whip. I probably could have finished two or three of those if I had not put so much time into hand-quilting Leaf Me Alone.

No regrets, though, other than missing my sweet sister-in-law's birthday in May yet again. I guess Leaf Me Alone will be a Christmas present after all.

My spring quarter wasn't completed sewing machineless, however. I started and finished a butterfly quilt and started another butterfly quilt I intended to finish by the end of the quarter so I didn't have to add it to my WIP list. I want to use my butterfly scraps for (another) dress, which I have not yet started, but I have to finish the quilt first so I know what will be truly left over.

I crocheted owls and designed my Owl Dye and Go to Heaven fabric for Spoonflower. It's bordered, sandwiched and ready to quilt bind.

I also started piecing my triangle leftovers because the project was something fast and easy to do while my little now-nine-year-old neighbor worked on her nine-month diamond paint-by-number project. Now the HSTs are projecty enough I could include them on my WIP list, but they are sans definitive plan and not going to get done this quarter, so off the list they stay.

And then there's the Moda Blockheads 2 project, also using up scraps. I'm attempting to design a snowflake for the center of every block big enough to host a crocheted applique. It's a yearlong project, so I'm not going to add it to the WIP list until all the blocks are done, although I do intend to try to keep up with the block-a-week goal.

I also came up with a pattern and a plan for my Goodbye Hollyhock Road and truly thought it would be my next finish. Everything is ready to go, next to the sewing machine. It hasn't moved a single thread all quarter. But it calls to me every night when I get off work. I really can't wait to get started on it.

Oh, and how can I forget?!? I've been finishing up some of my WIP sewing projects... shorts and dresses. Yet many remain. Perhaps I need to join a Dresses Anonymous group...

Here's my official WIP list for Summer 2018:

1. Hawaiian Punch

2. Leaf Me Alone

3. Welcome to the Jungle

4. Lizard Toes

5. Hexie Booboo

6. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

7. Teal Shadows

8. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

9. Snowflake Strip Bar

10. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

11. Lavender Sunrise

12. Giant Dahlia

13. Showcase

14. Snowbike II

15. Autumn Splendor

16. Cool Edge of the Rainbow

17. Citrus Whip

18. Time for Me to Fly

19. Venetian Squiggles

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  1. Not like you weren't doing anything haha always something at your sea. So what if the WIP list gets a little longer instead of shorter. Sure have plenty to do in the summer heat, ugg to it.

    1. The list already got too long, Pat. But I will persevere and try to get them all finished...

  2. I love all the colors in your list tho!! and - well - Christmas isn't too far - I am sure she will love her present then ;-)

    1. Thanks, Alycia! I'm sure she'll love it whenever she gets it, too. But it's got to feel like it's never coming after seven years!!!

  3. All this loveliness!!! I am totally smitten by your lavender Giant Dahlia. That pattern has been on my bucket list for a LONG time.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I really should have begun piecing the Dahlia as soon as I cut the petals. It's not even on my itch list... things I can't wait to do next! :)


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