07 June 2018

Owl Dye & Go to Heaven

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One of my goals for the most recent three-day weekend was to finish crocheting simple owl motifs from every color of crochet thread I dyed in 2017. When I first set this goal, I think back in February or March, I had a quilt panel idea I have been anxious to try ever since.

The owls were quick and easy, but for some reason, it took me three months to finish all 91 owls. Not all of the owls made it into the project, and leftovers continue to find some unexpected uses, but the mission was accomplished, and owls were launched!

The idea in my head when I first started was inspired by all the color sample panels I've quilted. I think I have the hexagon one in my stash somewhere, too, but it hasn't shown up on the top of a WIP pile yet, so it still needs to be made at some point.

I decided to make my own color chart, and I planned to commit some poetic verse to fabric in the process.

After I finished the owl collage for the quilt panel, there was still room on the template, so I decided to add pillow motifs. Then I thought it might be cool to bind the quilt with a collection of the owls in rainbow order, so I created yet another collage. I ordered a yard of the rainbow owl fabric.

The rainbow owl collage turned out so awesome, I decided it would make great wrapping paper, so I ordered a roll of that from Spoonflower, too!

All items arrived in my mailbox this week, and I am in Owl Heaven!

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  1. That is sure a lot of owls. That is a great idea that came to mind though. Neat what ideas spur one on.

    1. It was indeed a LOT of owls, Pat, but they are just so darned cute!!! I thought you might like the rhyming aspect of this project...

  2. That is so darn cute!!! I love how the googly eyes are all looking in slightly different directions.

    1. Thanks, Sue!!! I can’t wait to finish quilting it! It’s going to be SO much fun!!!

  3. Wow, what can I say?!? You went crazy with this idea, and I love it!

    1. Thank you, Sandy. I probably was a little owl crazy with this one, but it was so much fun!


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