31 July 2018


I don't know if I'm happy with myself right at this moment. I just paid for and am downloading Microsoft Word.

I didn't think I'd stoop this low anymore.

I went two years without Microsoft at home, and I've been doing pretty darned well. Until now. I have to do some editing and formatting that just doesn't work in Apache OpenOffice. It doesn't work in Google Docs.

The only way I can survive this project is via Word. Ugh. I did not want to have to do this. I feel as if I've surrendered, and Microsoft won.

I didn't want a Word subscription, and I do not want Microsoft monitoring me. I do not want auto updates at all. Ever.

It isn't cheap. I could subscribe for $70 per year and get the entire Office suite, which I do not want and do not need. To download just Word and not have auto updates is $130. Ouch. Older versions of Word (unsupported and without auto updates or subscriptions) are upwards of $200.

Lizard told me to go ahead and get the latest version of Word after we discussed options.

I still don't know that I like this. But it's nearly a done deal now, and Microsoft is once again a part of my non-work world.

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  1. Such a pain in the butt how they suck money from us. That yearly subscription thing is such a rip off. Soo much better when you could just buy it and use it forever. But oh no, have to do some stupid subscription. Greedy sobs.


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