14 December 2017

Lava Beds

I'm so darned excited to be finished with this year's quilts for Christmas project, I could literally jump for joy!

This finish came with tears and even a few angry words, but #15 is done.

I thought the glow-in-the-dark thread was a pain to work with because it was such a chore to put onto spools so I could use it and because it kept breaking and splitting on Outer Space. The thread may have contributed to the heartache, but I switched to regular thread on Lava Beds after having to rip out the entire first dinosaur track after not being able to do more than three inches without the top thread breaking.

At one point, I was crying, and Lizard suggested I use regular thread so I could get done and do other things for a while.

So I started over on that dinosaur track, and although I could go more than three inches, I was still getting a lot of breakage on the top thread. I went through the machine's list of troubleshooting tips, and the only one I can't immediately do is replace the bobbin casing, which I have to go through Brother to do. And I was still getting breakage on the top thread.

I'm very frustrated that I had to change the original plan of drawing little dinosaurs on each square (because it has taken me MONTHS to work up the courage to try free-motion quilting little dinosaurs!!!) to simpler-to-quilt dinosaur tracks, that I had to use regular thread instead of glow-in-the-dark for the motifs, and that my Viking Husqvarna lasted more than 30 years while this inexpensive temporary replacement Brother machine feels as though it's hardly made it through 30 days!!! It's not giving me much reason to have confidence in investing in a more expensive Brother model with a bigger throat!

I have to stop and recall that just in the few months I've owned it, the Brother Project Runway has seen quite a few miles... I've finished 15 quilts with it!

I'm very grateful to have finished the quilts for my adopted daughter's kids who have been adopted and their siblings in time for Christmas. I will go to bed with a smile tonight. My Christmas is joyful!

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  1. Really outstanding work and the creativity shows through. Well done and warm greetings to you.

    1. Thank you, Blogoratti! May your week be warm and wonderful, too!

  2. Sometimes things may no go as planned, but you got them done. Congrats on making your goal. Now hopefully you can relax away a bit before being pulled this way and that again.

    1. Thanks, Pat! It feels so good to be done with that goal, but I'm right back in production because so many things need to get done! I guess I just can't hold still a single second!

  3. You've definitely gotten some mileage out of that Brother! So sorry for the frustrations. I can sympathize. (Been there when trying to free-motion quilt with metallic thread. Aaaargh.)

    This little quilt is so beautiful - I see "Wave" colours in it! Congratulations on finishing your goals. You are the most productive crafter I know.

    1. Aw, Sue, you brought back heavenly memories of The Wave!!! I hadn't thought about that connection at all while working on this, but now I love the colors even more!

      Metallic thread, yes, that's more of a bear than glow-in-the-dark thread!!!!!!!!

  4. I may have left a comment on the UFO Club, but I want to make sure you know that I am SEW happy for you. This was a BIG goal and you ROCKED it!!!


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