07 December 2017

Space, the Final Frontier...

... and nearly the final quilt!!!

I've finished 14 of 15! The goal is almost as good as done, and I am one happy camping quilter!

Initially, I'd planned to quilt this one with spiral galaxies, but when I loaded the glow-in-the-dark thread, I realized the spool was going to give me some heartache, so I chickened out and did straight lines. Again.

I filled six bobbins, using my fingers to hold the wide-mouthed spool, then used bobbins on both the top and bottom during the quilting process.

I think this quilt's recipient is going to be one of the happiest of the 15 kiddos on my Christmas list! Perhaps I should have used glow-in-the-dark thread for all the quilts!!!

The scariest part of this project was washing the quilt. I wasn't sure the glow would hold. It did. Just one more reason I'm a super happy camper!

One more to go before Christmas! Then I get to make something for me!

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  1. To infinity and beyond. Must feel grand having one to go and being a happy quilting camper at your show haha

    1. Ha ha, Pat! Good one! Yes, I’m SO, SO, SO very happy to be almost done! But joy will know no boundary when I get to present these gifts in person and see the reactions!!! :0

  2. Love this one. I have some of some of your fabrics! Planning on a space themed quilt for my middle great grandson. He has graduated from his baby quilt!

  3. You tricked me!! I thought this was THE LAST of the Christmas quilts. Oh, well! One more to go and then you can make something for yourself. (You BETTER make something for yourself!!!)

  4. How sweet is that?!?!?! The glow-in-the-dark thread is the perfect touch. It's good to know it holds up to washing.


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