08 August 2017

Cold Shivers, the Sequel

Cold Shivers Snowflake was designed in my head as I pedaled up Colorado National Monument in 2012 following three months off the bike due to a disc-crushing bike accident. Cold Shivers is the name of the rest stop at the top of a huge climb. Your sweat and the desert breeze give you cold shivers as you take in the magnificent red rock scenery.

I didn't know if I'd be able to climb again because my back hurt so much. As I reached the pullout, Sammy Hagar and Van Halen were crooning, "Baby, dry your eyes; save all the tears you've cried. That's what dreams are made of!"

The beads on the snowflake represent a tiny portion of the tears I cried... tears of joy at Cold Shivers because I made it!!!

This spring I thought I'd have to have surgery when we learned I have two more collapsed discs in my neck. Physical therapy has been working, and last week I got permission to get back on my bike. I'm riding only 15 miles at a time now, trying to work back up slowly and make sure the nerves in my arm aren't going to be obstructed anymore.

Thursday morning I rode 15 miles to the park and ride, third time back on the bike. Ten hours later, I got back on the bike and rode home from the park and ride for the first time in so long, I have to look it up because I don't remember! (I looked it up, and on March 28, 2015, we did a weekend recon tour to see if the flood-damaged sections of the bike path were repaired, and it would still be several months. That was the most recent time my bicycle tires had traveled south on the path near the park and ride.)

The ride home is filled with some pretty big hills, not as big as Cold Shivers, but significant given I haven't done any climbing at all since March. I wasn't sure I could make it up the biggest climb and then the rest of the way home, too.

As I topped that hill, Cheryl Crow was singing, "I'm still the king of me!" Black storm clouds were pushing east, and I started singing right along with her:

"I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna tell everyone!!!"


  1. Good Morning

    I haven't been here in awhile, the cat sent me over. I am sorry to hear about your health issues, I think you have climbed many mountains and you have the strength to overcome this challenge. Keep on pedaling!
    I enjoyed your post and photos of Cold Shiver Point.

    1. Wow, thanks, Trudessa! I must be The Cat's victim of the day! But so good to see you again! What a fun project Pat has undertaken this month! Can't believe his timing, with snow on my blog today and snow up in the mountains this week, too!

  2. Do soak up the sun, rest easy and good to know you are slowly but surely working your way back to great health. Wonderful thoughts and nice of you to share. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you, Blogoratti! It's great to be back in the saddle again. It's great to wake up and not be in overwhelming pain. It's great to celebrate life again!

  3. That is the way to be, keep on building up and getting there at your sea. Back crap and nerve crap is never fun. Good therapy is working too.

    1. Thanks, Pat! I'm SO thankful surgery has been scrubbed! And SO excited to be back on my bike again!

  4. Hi Snowcatcher! Keep moving is my motto. Never give up. I'm glad that surgery has been scrubbed and you're riding again! Your snowflakes are exquisite! I'm glad that Pat prodded me to come by today. I've missed your uplifting posts! Take care! Happy riding!

    1. Gosh, Fundy! How long has it been! I've missed you, too! Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to have to pay you a visit, too!


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