29 August 2017

Armed and Not So Dangerous

From April through July, I didn't get to ride. Instead, I walked along the greenway to the park and ride as often as I could, always armed with a camera.

I wasn't doing much on my computer throughout that time because mouse elbow prevented even minuscule enjoyment of photo retouching.

Now I'm back on my bike, and I'm starting to do some of the things I couldn't do while my arm was in so much pain, including developing a meaningful relationship with my new ergonomic mouse.

I try to stay off the computer for at least two hours before bed each night because I have trouble sleeping when I spend too much evening time staring at a computer screen.

I recently had no choice but to download my work camera. I got off work late, and I rode my bike home from the park and ride. It was nearly dark by the time I got home.

I don't have photo software at work anymore, so I have to process work photos at home. We had a brand new employee, and the new portrait had to be processed for a bus pass and for timely new hire announcements. While backing up the newly downloaded photos, I discovered literally hundreds of forgotten photos from last spring. Hundreds and hundreds of heavenly visions. My goodness, I just can't get to bed on time now because I can't stop looking at photos!

I hardly remembered so many of these! I've yet to make a dent in the tip of my digital iceberg. I think I'm going to have a cozy Photoshop winter...


  1. With so many great photos to see it is a wonder you ever go to bed. f.lux could help. It takes away the brightness when the sun sets so there is no blue light, which helps keep people awake.

    1. Thanks, Pat! I've been using f.lux for about 3 years now; doesn't help much... :)

  2. Those are just beautiful!! I love your *eye*

    1. Thanks, Alycia! Nothin' better than a morning sunrise shoot!


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