21 August 2017

Snowflake Monday

I couldn't resist. Please note, I DO believe in God, but I also wouldn't mind future solar eclipses being national holidays. But, vacation days work, too!

I want to see if I can book The Lizard on a flight for the next total eclipse, wherever it might be, so he can enjoy a view like this.

Okay, now that's out of the way, how's your snowflake quilt coming along?

I've finished quilting straight lines a quarter inch from each charm square seam, also called outline quilting. I wanted to do something quick and easy because I'm on a quilt deadline, and I really wanted the fabric to shine for this creation, not the stitching. I also am working with an inexpensive Brother sewing machine that has a very small throat, and trying to get big quilts through that small space is not my idea of fun.

Quilting took me four nights after work. I removed the safety pins as I went. I almost caught two safety pins on the sewing machine, which could have left some mighty big holes. Luckily, I was sewing slow enough to notice and stop the catastrophe from wrecking havoc on my quilt by removing said pins before finishing the line of stitching. Straight line quilting across the length of the quilt also means no ends to bury after you're done. Yay!

I'm very proud to report this is the first quilt I've done in a long time that didn't have any tucks or folds in the back, so I'm on cloud nine right now. The size of the sewing machine made this project difficult for me, but I overcame adversity and triumphed! No seam ripping at the end, and nothing had to be redone! YIPPEE!!!

Next week, I trim the edges and bind it. Woohoo!

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  1. Nothing having to be done should get a big yippeee indeed haha That would sure be neat to see it from the air, never really thought about that. I think vacation days are all we are bound to get for it though.


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