26 January 2017

A Quilt for Remington

The first WIP quilt of 2017 isn't just done, it's in Alabama, wrapped around a brand new little boy!

My newest grand nephew, Remington Jasper LeBeaux, was born Friday the 13th, just like me. A sweet connection!

Mama Lindsay was born in England and raised in Alaska and Alabama. I first met her when she was about four or five years old when I took my kids to visit my brother's family while he was stationed at Elmendorf. I enjoyed taking pictures of all four of my nieces and nephew and teaching the girls how to bead their T-shirts and crochet.

My brother and sister-in-law told me Lindsay was the spitting image of me back then.

She's probably very lucky and thankful she doesn't look like me anymore, but we still have much in common. She is an artist, and she loves wildlife just like me.

Last year, when I learned Remi would be coming, I started trying to pay attention to what Lindsay likes. Turns out she's a Pokemon fan. I was trying to build my little boy stash so I would have appropriate fabrics next time a little boy came to our extended family, and Lindsay is specifically the reason I added Pokemon fabric.

Remi's quilt also includes some wildlife... how could I not? My favorites are the bears and the moose. Lindsay's dad had quite the experience with a moose one winter in Alaska. He'd been winter fishing and was returning to his truck when a moose charged him! He managed to jump in the truck before Mr. Moose made contact, but the moose made sure my brother had a lasting memento of their crash meeting. My brother broke his arm!

Most of the block border fabric is leftovers from other projects. I am not much of a television fan at all, but when I was Lindsay's age, I enjoyed Remington Steele. So of course, I had to use some Kona steel to border the moose fabric in Remington's quilt.

I had to include some artsy fabric to honor Remington's mom.

The backing is Colorworks Concepts. I'd bought it as a backing for the Colorworks Concepts quilt I finished last year, but when I finished the top, I didn't think the stripes went well with the theme. So I've been hanging onto it, hoping to find a project I could incorporate it into. Lindsay likes Harley Quinn, and I thought the diamond quilting across the stripes creates a rather harlequin mood.

Pins and needles occupied the comfort of my sitting position after I mailed the quilt, waiting to find out if Lindsay likes it. Four days later (yes, priority mail from Colorado to Alabama apparently takes that long), Lindsay posted pictures of her new quilt on Facebook and announced to the world that she loves it, especially the Pokemon!

Lindsay's mom, my sister-in-law, saves my blog posts about her grandsons' quilts so one day she can tell them the stories behind their quilts. I didn't know that the first three times, but I know now, and that makes this blog post even more special.

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  1. Got everything in for the win. can't go wrong with Pokemon, of course trying to catch them all now is ridiculous, waaaay too many. A bit off topic haha

    1. Lindsay definitely liked the Pokemon, Pat!

  2. It's so fun when the fabrics have so many cool stories behind them. (Love the moose tale.) What a great quilt. And what an awesome name the baby has!

    My goodness, your niece did look like you! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue! I do love the stories in this quilt. I hope I will have a special bond with Remi, even though he's across the country from me...

  3. such a cute quilt, I'm sure it will be well loved

  4. Gorgeous! LOVE the bright prints, especially the backing fabric :)

  5. LOVE this quilt! My boys would have loved this. They went through the Pokemon stage back in the 90's and I still have some Pokemon fabric from that decade!

    1. Thank you, Janice! What a treat to still have some of the original fabric! I had Ninja Turtles and Mario Brothers until last year...


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