24 January 2017


Sunday morning I had to drive The Lizard to work because the forecast (erroneously) called for three to nine inches, and I'd need the four-wheel drive to get to church later in the day. The Lizard realized he'd forgotten to charge his phone overnight, so I wouldn't be able to call him to hand off the keys when I parked the car a few hours later.

Lucky for me, I had my newest little gadget in my purse, and I was able to charge his phone to 65% during the drive to his work!

This awesome little charger was my gift from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for the amount of money I raised in 2016. Typically, I donate my prizes back, except for free parking because that doesn't cost the charity anything, and it's SO nice to have a parking space on the day of the event!

In 2016, I was thumbing through the gift list when I discovered the charger. I'd had a tube charger for about three years, and it pulled me out of one or two binds but generally wasn't worth the $5 it cost me because it couldn't hold a charge more than two days, and it would charge my phone only 45% to 55%. Oh, and it is lightweight - easy to carry in my backpack while participating in a bike tour such as the MS-150 or Ride the Rockies.

The new charger was on the bottom tier of NMSS gifts. I was two levels higher with my fundraising. I decided this little blue charger would be a treat on bike rides if it worked better than the old charger, plus, every time I use it, people who see it will know I am activity fighting for the eradication of multiple sclerosis.

The new charger arrived in December. I quickly plugged it in to test it out. It was fully charged in about half an hour, and I discovered it has a built-in LED flashlight to boot. Super cool!

I used it a couple of days later to charge my phone, shocked to see it held the charge the full two days. Even more shocked to see it could fully charge my phone and still have some juice left. It's a little heavier than the old charger, but given the performance I was seeing, it seemed like this new charger would be more than worth its weight on a mountain pass!

I used the new charger to juice my phone again a couple of weeks ago, still off that initial charge in December, and once again, it fully charged my phone. Holy moly!

After charging The Lizard's phone on Sunday, STILL after that initial charge back in December and after fully charging my phone with it twice, this little miracle still has some juice left in it!

Astounding! It's cute, it works, and it does its job without complaint for more than a month with power to spare. Not bad for a freebie. Sometimes, technology simply amazes me!


  1. Wow, that sounds like it is made very well. Not many have the juice to keep going like that.

  2. Can you use it to charge yourself on Day 2 of Bike MS? ;)

    Very cool tool.

  3. P.S. Impressive mileage so far "this year"!!! :D


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