09 June 2016

Yet Another Lizard

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Spoonflower was having another great sale, so I printed more fabric. This time, I printed two of my photos on fat quarters. I printed one of my favorite lizard photos, which is about 12 years old now, and I printed the cross-section of a blood orange (without the blue Crush) I snapped after this year's Orange Crush Super Bowl. Ha ha!

Blood Orange Crush

I'd picked up a fat quarter bundle of Kona yellows and oranges that seemed the perfect frame for the blood orange, but upon receipt of my new fabric photos, the fruit and the Kona solids did not harmonize. So I used five of the sunny and lemon shades on the lizard photo, along with a bit of the lime green Kona I bought for potential contrast way back when I was working on Welcome to the Jungle (which still needs to be quilted...)

unused fat quarters

remains of the chosen five fat quarters

fifth fat quarter remains

I had fun playing around with borders on this project, which turned out to be some of the most complicated piecing I've ever done because I didn't plan anything ahead. All four borders are improvised in their entirety, and each one became more complicated than the one before it.

Some fun leftovers remain. It may be time for another Orphan Scrap Vortex or Ticker Tape quilt!

In the final flimsy, the lizard is looking into clear skies. The jet stream is speeding by above. A dust storm is retreating on the right side of the quilt. The bottom border represents the earth's crust or a canyon bottom. The four-pointed star is a barn quilt blown to the desert floor by the dust storm or a sunrise reflecting in a sandstone puddle.

I don't typically sew much with yellow or orange, but this wall quilt is so sunny and bright, I had no problem at all imagining possibilities and staying on task. I literally felt as if I was stitching citrus!

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  1. Sure as bright as can be and can light up a room indeed. At least citrus in this case wasn't messy haha great end result indeed.

    1. Thanks, Pat! The Lizard is particularly fond of this one!

  2. A handsome devil, he is! Hmmmmmm... I think Rattlesnake Canyon may beckon this fall.

    Love the quilt.

    1. That would be awesome, Lizard! We've never been there in autumn!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Joy! I wonder if I can be as creative with the blood orange now that I have a new bundle of Kona solids to coordinate...

  4. Wow, I love the thematic elements you built in. How do you do it?!?

    Stunning photo, stunning quilt top.


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