17 June 2016

Friday Funny

There I go, surrounding him in pink again...

Yeah, but does it work?

All kinds of awesome.


Far.Out. !!!

I'll bet The Lizard could build this on the floor of our basement.

Sold out!

Run, run, run!


Go, Broncos!

Will it go round in circles?

Sit on it.


Heart me!



recycle bottle caps...

Leave it to Fatty (and his commenters) to leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

An often funny and unexpected velocipedia.

And that's the truth!


  1. There are some neat things there. Who knew bottle caps were so useful. Circle one wouldn't open, fyi. Ouch to the splinters on the wooden one haha

  2. Yes, I could build that in the basement. I like the bike parts snowflake I conjured up several years ago too.

  3. Yes, that print reminds me very much of Lizard's "snowflake". :)

    I don't need to carry weights in my jersey pockets; I carry those around my thighs (ahem). But I do like to stuff in all kinds of things that must make me look like a deformed alien when viewed in profile. Oh, and nobody mentioned wild asparagus! If you're going to have roast chicken you might as well pick some veggies to go with it....

    Oh my gosh, those bike drawings - brilliant post there! Phil would probably like that.... :)


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