29 June 2016

Jackpot Wednesday

Far too awesome a day in Waterton Canyon to keep silent. These photos actually occurred on a Saturday, not a Wednesday, but Wednesdays are when I post huge collections of eye candy. And boy, was this ever a sweet treat!

Perhaps my Waterton rides are more appreciated now after 18 months of maintenance closure followed by another pair of unscheduled lengthy closures due to bear activity and unforeseen dam replacement. We find ourselves up in Waterton now every chance we get, because we never know when it will be closed again.

All this in a single ride!!! WOW!

I'd love to know the story behind this little field of domestic irises near the mouth of the canyon. I wonder if someone homesteaded there decades ago.

Last year during Ride the Rockies, I saw my first ever spiderwort near the summit of Hardscrabble Pass. I ordered seeds as soon as I identified them after I got home. I planted the seeds in my garden, and nothing came up. When I looked up spiderwort again, I worried I might have pulled the seedlings, thinking they were grass. So no spiderwort in my garden. Yet.

After 18 years of riding in Waterton, I finally discovered spiderwort may be found there, too! I can't tell you how tempted I was to take a plant home with me! But it wouldn't have survived the 90-degree ride in my jersey pocket. We went back the following day after church with the good camera, hoping to get a great macro shot of a spiderwort, but alas, they appear to be like 4 o'clocks, folding up in the heat of the afternoon. So I carried that heavy camera all the way up the canyon for nothing!

Actually, I reshot some of the flowers I'd shot on my Jackpot Saturday with the good camera because the little camera doesn't do so good on macro (closeup) photography. So it wasn't truly a total waste after all.

I've seen good floral displays in Waterton a couple of times, but the decent rain we've been receiving year has brought out a true wildflower season in the canyon, first time I've ever been able to witness!

The apple tree at the top of the canyon is sporting mini apples.

Meanwhile, the plethora of apple trees about five miles up the canyon seem to have been victim of a late-season freeze.

The wind made the water choppy and prevented some of the beautiful reflections we adore, but wildlife didn't seem to mind.

Babies are coming!!!

Cottonwood trees made portions of the canyon look like a snowstorm had hit.

The best part of the day was finding a mud puddle where butterflies were stopping en masse to fill their tanks.

I was contently shooting scores of butterflies when The Lizard approached.

"Deb, get over here."

I pointed down to the butterflies to let him know I had to get a few more shots.

More sternly, he called, "Deb! GET OVER HERE! NOW!"

Just about that time, another visitor approached from behind me. I looked over my shoulder, and couldn't stumble away behind The Lizard fast enough!!!

I think I'm going to have to design a quilt inspired by my take on an old Heart song: "See the bear and the butterfly, up in the air, they made me fly, bear and butterfly, no photo, she had to cry!"


  1. If you could share a P.O. Box #, I'll gladly share seeds from my various spderworts & other 'Blue' flowers which may be of interest to you. =>/<=

    1. Susan, that sounds wonderful! Perhaps I have some seeds you'd like, too...

      Please email me at snowcatcher at att dot net, and I would be very happy to exchange with you. You'll have to see my Wordless Wednesday in two weeks, too. Nothing but blue flowers!!!

  2. It's an awesome canyon. I think I like the bear and yellow "pea" shots the best. Although they're all excellent!

    1. Thanks, Lizard! I can't wait until we get to ride the Canyon again. I hope the weather gives us a few openings!

  3. You got shots galore at your shore. The canyon one is awesome too. lmao the butterflies sure had to take a backseat to that guy.

    1. Everybody had to take a back seat to Cinnamon, Pat. He/She rules the roost!


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