14 June 2016

Iris of My Eye

Harvest Maiden

Going outside in the garden every single morning the last few weeks has been beyond exciting. New irises are blooming almost every day. I ordered the rhizomes four years ago, then had to wait until fall for them to be shipped. Many didn't bloom the next summer, and last year many tried to bloom but were drowned by our rainiest spring on record.

So this year, I'm seeing some for the very first time, and others are making a shimmering return!

Cranberry Swirl

Came with the House

New and old, all these flowers delight. I think I'm addicted!

I bought Stairway to Heaven because of the name, but I absolutely love the colors.

Some of this year's new iris blooms are not the color I thought they'd be, but I like them anyway.

Men in Black aren't truly black, but just try to get me to complain about this gorgeously rich purple!

Baja Blue isn't exactly blue, but it's nice.

Deep blue Miles Ahead looks a little more like its deep purple cousin Clarence, but I'm not disappointed.

Open Sea was supposed to be all blue, but this definitely is not bad.

Some of this year's first-time bloomers aren't the breed they were supposed to be, but I like them anyway. I had to look up what I had because the "wrong" plants are so different than what I ordered.

I haven't decided yet if I will try ordering from the same iris farm again this fall to get the species I initially wanted, but if I can find Starship Enterprise somewhere else, I think there's a very high chance I'll try at least that one again.

Light Up My Life
Light Up My Life is perhaps prettier than the white, cheddar and fuchsia Starship Enterprise
I intended to showcase in the center of my iris mound, but it definitely isn't what I ordered.

Grand Ole Opry is dazzling, but it was supposed to be a pale purple and peach Florentine Silk.

Three of the iris rhizomes I ordered still have not bloomed, so I don't know what they will look like if and when they do. The dusky blue, plum and white Lights Camera Action I ordered because of the name might still bloom one day, but for now, all I can do is hope.


  1. Sure have some every color of the rainbow indeed at your feed. Good there isn't a crap ton of rain this year so all can take seed.

  2. Love your iris rhizomes! Beautiful flowers and great photos!

  3. Oh my gosh Deb, these are absolutely gorgeous. And to think there are some that haven't even bloomed yet!

    I'll bet they smell amazing too. :)


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