07 January 2016

Proud as a Peacock

While we waited for football and ballet fabric to arrive in the mail so we could finish our final Christmas gifts of 2015, I got to work on something for me!

Oh, how I love peacocks!

I'd post haste snatched up Chong-a Hwang's gorgeous Enchanted Plume layer cake several weeks earlier when the price dropped. My initial intention was to make a quilt with those lovely peacock prints.

When I pulled the layer cake back out two weeks before Christmas, I decided it's pretty enough to wear. So the blocks became my new favorite dress!

Initially, I wanted to use purple or teal metallic thread to fancy top stitch the blocks. After the thread broke for the eighth time on the second block, I decided regular purple thread would do. I carefully plucked out all the metallic threads and then machine embroidered around each and every block with no thread breaks at all.

I got the skirt done before the pink and football fabric arrived and had to finish the last two quilts before I could finish the dress. The last two quilts had to be mailed. Once they were done, I felt so free! I didn't do any sewing at all for a whole couple of days!

For Christmas, I received the fancy new stainless steel iron I'd asked for, and as a result, I got to spend Christmas Day ironing. Ironing my new dress!

I got to wear it to church the following Sunday!

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  1. That's a beautiful dress. From a lizard's standpoint, some of those fabrics would make for a nice and colorful mandanna.

    1. Hmm, perhaps I need to buy just a bit more fabric, Lizard. You'll have to clue me in which ones you like best...

  2. Sure turned out great indeed. We had peacocks growing up and the dog would always eat the feathers that fell off them lol

    1. How sad! I would have scavenged the feathers for crafts! We had peacocks next door when we lived in an apartment. They are the only things I miss about the apartments! :)

  3. What beautiful fabrics and a wonderful dress. Love it.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! I ended up buying the fat quarters, too, because the fabric is just so gorgeous!

  4. Great dress, I love the modeling pictures!

    1. Thank you, Eleanor! Modeling is NOT my favorite thing to do!


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