08 January 2016

Heart Strings

Oh, my heavens, I can't believe this day is finally here! I finished the quilt I hoped would help me design a cover for my next book!

"Heart Strings" the book is the fictitious story of an adoption inspired by a few real-life events. Heart Strings the quilt is a compilation of teal and turquoise scraps rough-edge appliquéd via free-motion quilting.

My free-motion quilting skills are not that great. Many of my works in progress (WIPs) would be done if I wasn't so terrified of ruining them. Last year I tried to adopt the attitude of "They don't need to be perfect; they need to be done." I finished a couple of my 13 completions of last year with simple free-motion quilting and gained a bit of self-confidence.

The free-motion quilting for Heart Strings the quilt is way out of my comfort zone but probably exactly what I need to actually begin improving my skills.

A lot of my Heart Strings hearts are far from perfect. Some of them are pretty obnoxious. I would pluck out the threads and do them over for the first couple of days each time I wasn't happy with a completed heart appliqué, but after two days, I realized I would never get done if I didn't quit ripping out and just keep stitching forward.

I had to set the quilt aside during the fourth quarter of 2015 so I could finish niece and nephew quilts I planned to gift in time for Christmas. After Christmas, I was free to be selfish again.

On January 4th, Heart Strings the quilt was done! Finally!

As I said, some of the hearts are fairly ugly, but some turned out pretty well, too. Two of the free-motion hearts in the quilt are perfect!!! I think that means I'm improving!

Now I need the book and the quilt to go hand-in-hand so I finally can get the book across the finish line, too. And that, Dear Reader, is where you come in...

Please help me pick a cover so I can publish this baby on February 14! How's that for an appropriate release date for a book called "Heart Strings" and a story about love conquering all?

Which potential book cover do you like best???




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  1. In order of preference:
    3 - as number 1
    1 - as number 2
    2 - as number 3

  2. Congrats on finishing it and getting the cover done. I like number 1 the best. Never been a fan of those bars people use on top and bottom of covers. 3 is great too but a bit wider than book covers are, would that work?

    1. Thank you, Pat. I'm with you, but I'm enjoying seeing what book readers think. Obviously an artust's taste does not match that of all readers! Yes, the third one is too wide, but I had to see how it would look. I wish now I'd made the quilt skinnier! :)

  3. I like cover number 1. I love how the quilt turned out; the blues are perfect! Hopefully, behind number 1, there is a door number 1, and my chance to share in your fame as your personal pool boy. :)

    1. Oh, Lizard, you are so cute! How did I get so lucky?!?

  4. For this librarian, #3 is it! We'll be happy with whichever cover you pick!

    1. Thank you, Mary, for that terrific vote of confidence!

    2. I like #3 since it looks more complete with the binding showing! Just figured it out!

  5. I think #3 is a acceptable size and shape for a book. It stands out by showing off the whole quilt in all its heartful glory. To lessen the shape, size & hearts, diminishes the beauty and makes it look like any other book. =>¡<=

    1. Wow, Susan, that's a pretty unique point of view and definately something to consider! Thank you!

  6. The quilt is adorable. Such a neat idea to use it for the cover photo of your book. Blessings to you on Feb 14. Janita

  7. Thank you for your visit to The Girlfriend Gap blog today. I appreciate your kind thoughts to brighten my day. I have gotten so much joy out of this little bitty quilt. I have been doing a lot with blue and white lately. Happy new year ! Janita

    1. Juanita, you've inspired me to try piecing that small!


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