28 January 2016

End of the Thread

One of my friends recently asked how much white thread I go through in a year. Above is my collection of empty cotton spools from the last three years, so I guess the answer might be a third of that.

This is my white stash. (The color stash is about twice this big.) Some of my white was bequeathed to me; some of it came from non-crocheters who inherited it and didn't want it. A few were clearance items I couldn't pass up.

I'm trying to use it up, but I feel like I'm not making a dent. Even when I bury myself in an all-white special snowflake project.

This was my white Christmas. Ha ha! I don't think I'll ever run out. Ever. (That's not a complaint.)

This is what 300 yards looks like off the spool. Winding a spool into a ball makes it easier to carry along on the train. So I can keep trying to use it all up.

One of the things I learned last year during the creation of Snowbike is Cebelia, Red Heart, Baroque and Lizbeth whites are not all equal. But I forgot. So this year's special project features shades of white. When I first noticed the white snowflakes didn't all match, I briefly considered re-doing about 40 snowflakes. Then I decided the range of hues might add depth to the project.

In reality, I didn't want to do 40 white snowflakes over again!

This particular ball of thread was entirely invested in this year's special project, which I can now proudly call done!!! This 300-yard ball took me about two weeks to devour. The special project, featuring 157 different snowflakes, ate up two balls of Red Heart, three balls of Cebelia, two balls of Lizbeth and two skeins of Baroque. Four shades of white all in one project. One done project!!!

The big reveal will be February 6, 2016, the second annual Snowflake Day/Make a Snowflake Day!


  1. Well it is good to never run out, rather have too much than too little any day, of most things anyway. The cat would be in heaven with all that, of course then he'd eat it and need to go to the vet haha

  2. You and I and our white thread! I think we keep the white thread makers in business!

  3. Your variety of snowflake designs is awesome. It's amazing how you keep track of what you've previously done.

    And the countdown begins. The weekend of the 6th is a biggie this year.


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