01 December 2015

November Reign

On November 24, I finally got the sunrise I'd been hoping for all month long.

On December 1, I finished up another calendar. It's available here. This calendar features 43 of the 192 (edited) photos I shot throughout the month of November, at least two sunrise photographs every single day of the month, even when there wasn't a sunrise, even when there were no clouds. (I took more than 400 sunrise shots throughout the month, but I didn't upload all of them to my challenge gallery because I thought that would be overkill.) The clear days sometimes made me wish for a moment or two I hadn't taken on this challenge, but the bright, colorful days made me count my lucky clouds!

I live in such a beautiful place, and I'm so happy to share it!


  1. Such a wonderful spot with such a view indeed, always awesome shots are had at your pad

    1. Thanks, Pat! This was one heck of a project, and although I enjoyed the spectacular sunrises immensely, I'm relieved the challenge is over for a while! Might do it again some time, but not this month!!!

  2. Wow - oh wow!!! Your capture is just amazing!!! And I thank you for sharin g- it just made me happy!!!

  3. WHAT a gorgeous sunrise to make it all worthwhile.

    I love hearing about the challenges you set yourself, Deb. And hearing about how you meet them. :)


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