15 December 2015

Christmas Early

I was SO excited to find not only a flower in full bloom in December, but a ladybug! I was down on all fours with my camera's macro lens so fast, I didn't even notice the OTHER little California wildflower garden helper I caught in the frame. Editing the photo that evening was so exhilarating, I still didn't notice the photo extra.

The next morning, I posted the photo to Instagram via my iPhone, which I have set to automatically share with my family on Facebook. We went about our day without checking anything on the iPhone again until much later that night. My family had plastered my Facebook account with questions about the spider in the photo.

What spider?!?

I fired up the computer and looked at the photo a little more closely... Holy moly! There is a spider there! I wonder if I would have gotten so carelessly close had I noticed the arachnid!

Well, come to think of it, I guess eight-leggers never really bothered me too much in my own garden...


  1. Wow, I didn't see the spider until I really looked. Just seemed to be part of the flower. That ladybug better skedaddle haha

  2. Nice surprises are fun! I never noticed the little guy either.

  3. I loved this shot on fb. Isn't it funny about the bugs - I never see them either but whenever I take a wildflower close-up I almost always find one during the photo-editing stage. Probably just as well I can't see them in real time!

    They camouflage so well too.... :D


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