10 December 2015

Just Call Me Loony...

Me at Colorado National Monument
A birthday present from my very talented niece, Lindsay

My heart literally skipped a few beats when I read the headline: "Get Up to $100,000 Per Year Doing Ansel Adams' Job for the National Park Service" over at DIY Photography. Talk about dream job!!!

I spent eight years in Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, working as a photographer for the local newspaper. Paradise, pure and simple. Prior to that, I spent eight years working for the local newspaper while living just half an hour from White Sands National Monument.

I am a national park (and national monument) junkie.

Longs Peak, from Rock Cut on Trail Ridge

White Sands National Monument

Colorado National Monument

I was tempted, even if for only a few seconds. Almost every member of my family wanted to know why I did not apply. My dear husband The Lizard even offered to buy me a large format digital camera. (Large format is larger than 35mm, which is as high as I currently go.)

You think he might be a little excited about the possibility of being my assistant?!?

Nevertheless, I'm not interested. Call me crazy.

1. I don't have a large format camera.

2. I don't want to live in DC. (No offense, Amy. I promise I will visit one day!)

3. I don't want the government to own my images.

Besides, I like my current job. I once gave up a job I really loved for a job that promised to be everything I'd ever dreamed of, and it took me about two days to realize I'd been bamboozled. What they promised and what they actually gave me were light years apart.

Sometimes I can be a huge risk-taker. I'll try to ride my bike 100 miles in a day. I'll get a lot closer to a moose or a bighorn than I should. And I'll try publishing books.

But I'm not giving up another good job for a dream. I can take pictures in national parks without surrendering my ownership rights!

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Crater Lake National Park

Grand Teton National Park

National Mall

North Cascades National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Zion National Park


  1. Very true, sometimes it is best to stay as is. As the ad also says "Get up to" which is a danger sign right there. Any job on the planet you can get up to a certain number, say 100K, granted you may have to become a thief for some lol, and one or two might, but realistically no one is going to get up to what they promise.

    1. Good points, Pat. Did you also catch the "25% of your time traveling"? Which means 75% of your "nature photography" time behind a desk in a giant, political metro.

      No, thank you.

  2. I saw that job ad - and thought of you... and then of how would someone do that? I LOVE your photography - and LOVE to browse your blog - so am glad you continue to share with us!!!

    1. Alycia, I think I'd much rather be doing what I'm doing and getting the "pay" of wonderful comments like yours. Some things money just can't buy!

  3. Hi loony! Nice park pics.

    I'm not sure a government job would be all that great. They would be calling all the shots. So, I'm actually glad you're not interested. I couldn't live in DC either. Imagine me in DC – scary.

    "I'll get a lot closer to a moose or a bighorn than I should." Why yes, I believe you do. But look at the photos you get. I think the Waterton bighorns consider you one of their own.

    1. Thanks, Lizard, for putting up woith me. We make the perfect team!

  4. Love your pictures and don't blame you on the DC thing.

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I can work 5 days a week here and go to the mountains on the weekends, and sometimes even after work during summer. If I lived in DC and had to spend 75 percent of my time at a desk where there were no nearby mountains... Ick!

  5. I think you're eminently sane. And we're all so grateful that you share your images with US!

    The flower junkie wants to know: what are the red blossoms in the Canyonlands photo?

    1. Thank you!!! Poppymallow, one of Brett's favorites! Wow, did I just type his real name!?! Must be Monday morning...


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