24 July 2014

Zero Blues

Blue Bedder

I wasn't counting, but I thought and hoped my 100,000th photo with my six-year-old Nikon D300 would be a spectacular sunset with my blooming blue bedder. But that was 19 shots later.

Spent Allium

Or the magnificent cloud colors with the still-clinging-to-life spent allium stalk. But that was 20 shots later.

Instead, the 100,000th shot captured the brief moment of joy as I left the house for work and discovered my very first chicory blossom! I'd planted several seeds last year because I love the powdery flowery shade of periwinkle, but I think I must have thought the seedlings were weedy dandelions or thistle, for I pulled each and every one, and no chicory blossoms appeared in my garden last year.

This year, I pulled no weeds until I was 100,000% sure they were indeed weeds, and to my utter delight, that tall dandelion-like growth in the midddle of the gone-to-seed blue flax produced two gorgeous chicory flowers, which turned out to last only one day. The bees must work fast!

So glad I paused to shoot before my train commute!

100,000th shot!
100,000 and still going strong!


  1. 100,000 shots is a ton indeed and always great ones at your feet, a fine one for the 100,000th. Here's to 100,000 more

    1. Thanks, Pat! Hope the camera holds out that long!

  2. Love that blue flower against the gorgeous sunset. Stunning!

    1. Thank you, Norma! I love ALL blue flowers, and I love when I can capture them in a sunset! (Or sunrise...)

  3. Hooray! Woo Hoo! You got some CHICORY!!!!! (Happy dancing in Wisconsin.)

    It's beautiful. And yes, the blossoms do last only a day. That makes them even more precious, doesn't it? :)

    1. Just like blue flax, Sue. Yes, it does make them more magical, but my heavens, what an incredible color!

  4. P.S. A very worthy subject for your 100k shot!


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