08 July 2014

Too Good to be Blue

Love is Blue

I have purchased a few blue flower seeds during the last two years, and some of the flowers have actually been blue!




Blue Me Away

mystery flower

bachelor button and blue flax

Some, however, are not even close.

I've seen bluish violet daisies in the mountains. I have not been able to collect seeds yet, but I'll try again this year. In the meantime, I found some seeds.

I knew the flowers wouldn't be as blue as they are on the package, and I assumed they'd probably be closer to violet. But this?!?

unblue Shasta daisy

If I didn't know better, I'd suspect someone dumped Clorox on my flowers! Fortunately, I love them anyway, and hey, I can turn them blue!

bluer than blue

blue eye

Who wouldn't be drawn by the lure of blue roses??? But there ain't no such thing without blue food coloring. Period. No rainbow roses, either, and no black roses. Um, roses typically aren't grown from seeds but from cuttings...

yeah, right

sweet, but not real

if only

What about blue strawberries??? Yes, they are pretty to look at, but who'd want to eat them? They look as though they've been radiated! (In a sense, they have been, via photo manipulation...)

dipped in Paintshop

seriously sloppy photo editing

the magic color-changing knife

Here is how to make a blue strawberry outside of a photo-editing program. Here's a cute patriotic method.

Zephyrized Berries


  1. haha well all of those reviews are at least true, so awful ones can't lie. Coloring is the only way, nice blue ones at your bay.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Maybe I need to do this again with purple flowers...

  2. What fun! I love blue flowers, but I'm not sure about blue strawberries! Have a good evening!

    1. I'm with you, Fundy. Blue strawberries don't even sound appetizing...

  3. I will definitely beware the "fragulent" sellers. (Even the word is repellent!)

    Wonder what some of those reviews say.... :)

    1. Sue, I couldn't believe how many of the reviews said things like, "This is such a rip-off! These seeds didn't grow at all!" They actually bought them before they figured it out?!?!?!?!?

  4. P.S. There's a garden up the street with an amazing display of deep-blue delphinium. I think of you every time I pass it....

    1. Oh, man! My delphiniums might be done for the year now, and I miss them already!


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