18 July 2014

Friday Funny

pincushion and bachelor button

I recently had to thin out my bachelor buttons, a.k.a. cornflowers, because they were taking over my garden. My no-longer-four-year-old neighbor (she's 5 now!!!) noticed me snipping blossoms and sticking them in the dyepot. She came running, full steam, to plead for a blue bouquet.

As I cut a dozen or so straight-stemmed blossoms for her, she asked if she could have a pillow cushion, too.

A pillow cushion?!?

She pointed to my purple pincushion flowers.

"Oh, my goodness," I exclaimed! "I can't believe you remember the name of those!"

Her mother promptly added, "She practices the names of your flowers every day."

Pillow cushions it is! The perfect birthday bouquet!

Indoor Happiness



  1. She sure sounds like she loves your flowers, even memorizing the names, more knowledge then me about flowers haha

  2. In the words of Art Linkletter......Kids say the darndest things!

  3. That's really sweet. Just think, you're contributing to her horticultural education. Perhaps she'll grow up to be a botanist ... although a plain flower lover would be fine. :)


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