10 July 2014

Go Cinq Funf

On July 10, 2009, I pushed that orange "Publish" button for the first time. That initial post got a whole 10 page views. I was scared crazy because I wasn't sure I could maintain a blog. And who the heck would want to read anything I write, anyway???

Ten hits was a pretty big deal then; my 14th post has had 0 -- yes ZERO -- hits! (Maybe that might change today?!?) I had to develop a bit of patience back then to keep going. My 36th post has had ONE hit in five years. And I thought it was a pretty cute Friday Funny!

Diligence has paid off; 79 posts later, exactly 6 months and a day after that one-hit wonder, 13 (my lucky number) Snowflake Mondays later, I published my Bamboo Snowflake pattern, which has racked up an astounding 157,550 hits since then and still counting, my second most popular pattern. Wow! Did I write that?!? (First and third most popular patterns came four and five months after the Bamboo Snowflake, respectively.)

Now it's been five years. Pushing four million visitors. Closing on one million referrals from Crochet Pattern Central, from whence most of my hits come. When I first drafted today's post several months ago, it was my 1,300th post. Now I'm at 1,412. And my blog has become something I look forward to when I have good internet access.

They say most blogs die of neglect within seven months. They say the typical lifespan of a successful blog is five to eight years.

I made it (triumphantly!) past the first seven months. Can I make it past the eight-year mark?!?

If I hit that orange "Publish" button again tomorrow (actually, the next 14 posts are already scheduled...), I've made it past five years. Every click after that is another triumph. To me.

If I can come up with another 150 snowflake patterns (I've published 252 Snowflake Mondays so far), just maybe I might make it to that eight-year mark, too.

Big Wet Heavy Snowflake

Dolores Snowflake

Queen's Stage Snowflake

Cold Shivers Sunrise

Smiling At You

Ti Snowbike

Fire and Ice


  1. Congrats on sticking with it and coming so far, my numbers were pretty pathetic when i started too. Then away they flew as I got out there more and more. I got 1366 posts at the moment, counting the 126 I am ahead lol so got me beat.

    1. It will be difficult to stay ahead of prolific you, Pat! Keep on writing and rhyming!

  2. Love your blog! You are responsible for me picking up the thread again because your snowflakes are so beautiful. I love making them and hope you continue on for years to come! I also appreciate your dedication to the BikeMS! I am volunteering this weekend at z Century rest stop here in Michigan! So grateful to those that do this to help those of us with MS! We have started a tradition for other century stops. We have homemade cookies and homemade cooling scarves. Thanks again for all you do!

    1. Thank YOU, Brenda, for being such a loyal follower and for your own battle against MS and support for all fundraisers benefiting those with MS! I hope I have a lot more snowflakes in me...

  3. I'm not sure my first comment went through......so just in case...here it is again....

    Congrats. for maintaining such an interesting and inspiring blog!!

    1. Thank you so much, Mary, for taking the time to make sure your comment appeared! It really made my day!

  4. Gosh, I love that Queen's Stage snowflake.

    Happy, happy blogoversery! (Or should it be blogiversary?) I'm so glad you took the plunge. And I KNOW you've got at least 150 snowflakes in you yet! :)

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence, Sue! There may be a time when I need a big shot of that! I guess as long as snowflakes keep falling, I may still have inspiration...


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