25 March 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Hoffman Challenge

Viola Mae by Liz Waechter

Quilting in a Gourd by Rebecca Aitken

Sea Garden by Sondra Dunn Mahoney, best incorporation of challenge fabric

Meara Jones by Kathryn Botsford

Detail of Meara Jones by Kathryn Botsford

2010 Hoffman Challenge Dolls

by Judy Klem

Lady in Waiting by Jo Ann Massey

Jovan - Peaceful Spirit by Martha Dudley

The Dragonslayer by Stephanie Novatski

2006 Hoffman Challenge


  1. The blue ones really stand out, interesting array indeed

  2. These dolls are unlike any I've seen! The detail on Meara Jones is something else!

  3. Love the dolls! So unusual.

  4. Those sure are unique! Great photos of them.

  5. Ooh, look at the tiny crochet mitts! And I love the Lady in Waiting.

    These makers are so talented.


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