18 March 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Crepuscular Rays, Mary Carter Greenway

Sunrise from Lookout Mountain

Downtown Denver Skyline

Barr Lake Sunrise

Cooperative Deer

Crepuscular Rays


Doesn't get any better than this!

silence is golden scarlet dawn


  1. Awesome shots, such a sunrise would be great to see here, but just more clouds and rain, beats snow at least.

  2. Those, every single one, are incredible. Cooperative deer? Wow. The first and last ones both completely blew me away. One nice thing about being in the flatter part of the state is that you get to see the sunrise over flat terrain, which is super nice. I usually get to see that in the desert, but it's looking like our spring break trip is off due to my health problems. We have one last chance - if my doc today will give permission, we might go for the rest of the week... Thanks for sharing your incredible photos!

  3. It definitely doesn't get better than this. Wow.

    Crepuscular rays are stupendous.


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