28 March 2014

Friday Funny

Oh, my heavens.

Extinct. I was a switchboard operator for many years...

Clever!!! (Now that I've done macro snowflake photography for the first time, I think these are melting snowflakes shown in reverse.)

Happy belated birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

Live long and...

You know what they say about red shirts, right?


Cute time hog.

Too cool to eat!

Even cuter!

Tasty cute.

Peeps Knit

Amazing thread bugs, and a snail...

Oh, my

After this page loads, scroll down and keep your eye on the image. Coolest rainbow ever.

Funny only in the sense of what can be done in Photoshop.
Internet privacy is something very, very serious, and kids (and some adults) do need to be taught.

Not humor. Just one of the most inspirational posts ever. EVER.

Another Olympic tearjerker.


  1. lmao, when the humans are away the pup will play

    1. No kidding, Pat. Don't you just love how he (unsuccessfully) attempts to terrorize the cat, too?

  2. SO glad you commented on my blog (Quilt Paradigm) which lead me to your blog! Love your writing and blogging style :)

    I just know my 2 yr old husky would do EXACTLY the same thing if left alone in a room with a bed!! haha

    1. Thank you, Quilt Musings, and welcome! I've never had dogs, but I've had cats, and the cat in this video totally cracks me up! (Well, the dog does too...)

  3. This has been a great post to while away the time while waiting for the healthcare website to let me back in. (Yes, I'm one of those last-minute types.) :)

    LOVE the snowflakes, Spock, the peeps, Bad English, the Bent Objects (hilarious! and impossible to stop at just one image).

    Ooh! I'm back in at healthcare daht gub. Gotta go finish that application. Shall come back to look at more of these if I get bumped out again.... :)


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