07 January 2014

Wordless Wednesday

California in December


glorious morning

into the light

grand display

autumn texture

bright outlook

stained leaf window

redder than red


  1. Wish it looked like that here now instead of white haha

    1. I agree with you, Pat, although I do like the change of seasons. It would be boring if we had only one all year! Do wish our leaves could last as long as California's, though!

  2. What lovely colours! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    1. Thank you, Paul! I just love autumn color, especially when it lasts into winter!

  3. Ah, memories of colors besides white in the landscape! Beautiful reds...

  4. Gorgeous photos. California seasons are all catawampus, aren't they? Autumn in December, 80° in January (guess where I'm writing from?). I like winter in winter ... but it is fun to visit other states and joggle up the seasons a bit from time to time.

    I wonder what kind of maple that is? There are some just like it growing in my dad's neighbourhood. We never had deciduous trees here when I was young.

    That is such a classic California scene in the last photo ... kind of flat and deserty-looking with a fringe of mountains on the horizon. :)


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