16 January 2014

Flip Side of the Crafty Coin

Sunflower Love

I have craft goals this year. I also have cycling goals this year.

I once pedaled at least one 60-mile day every month for 16 months straight. Then I was grounded from my bike until my damaged disc could handle strain once again.

I was devastated to end my streak, but I also was liberated when I got back on the bike and was able to ride where I wanted when I wanted for as many miles I wanted instead of forcing myself to meet a goal I'd once seen as fun.

Reaching that monthly 60-mile-day goal at 50-plus years old made me feel as if aging wasn't going to hold me back. Diabetes and arthritis weren't going to hold me back. I could still be strong and do something some people never do, and I could do it on a regular basis.

But one of the reasons I ride is the view. I like to take pictures along the way. When I am driven to reach a milepoint instead of enjoy a journey, I pass by photos that might mean more to me at the end of the day than the mileage.

I ride to stay healthy. I ride because I love to use my own body fat to transport myself and my camera. I ride because the wind in my hair and the trickle of the stream and the leaves rustling bring life to a monotonous daily routine.

I ride because I enjoy having the strength and power to get my camera to a good photography location.

My physical goals now are not quite as complicated and structured as they once were.

I want to do Elephant Rock. I want to do Ride the Rockies if we like the route. I want to the MS-150 (and we're both already signed up!). And this year, I want to do one pass in the Triple Bypass because they've made that a new option this year. !!!

Mileage is not a goal this year. Riding is the goal.

My main goal is no more injuries. Pure and simple. I have to do everything I can to ride safe in all conditions, and I have to stay in shape and fuel properly.

This isn't just a goal for 2014. This is a mantra for life.

3000-mile smile


  1. No injuries is a great mantra indeed and good luck doing all of those trails

    1. Thanks, Pat! I'll be chanting, "No more crashes, no more falls, no more pricey ER calls!"

  2. Way to go! I'm impressed! I loved the photo of you riding in the snow ~ That's grit!

    1. Thank you, Fundy! Riding in the snow can be fun! Cold, but fun!

  3. Amen to all of the above.

    You've been a real inspiration to me in terms of mileage, you know. But "no more injuries" is an even better goal. It's also my goal for this year. (I'm still having twinges in that tendon behind the knee, and wondering what the season will bring. I hope it may bring a century, but it may instead bring lots of shorter rides. We'll see!) :)

    1. Wow, Sue, I'm so sorry to hear you are still having trouble with that tendon. I was hoping it would have cleared up long ago.

      If shorter rides is all that work now, nothing wrong with that. We do what we can, and we love every minute of the wind in our hair and the calories we burn!


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