31 January 2014

Friday Funny


I, too, live in Colorado and can't help but laugh right along with the rest of the world.

Shoulda known.

Football Jones

"We do not have any response." -NFL

My Pot
MY POT (for today's Chili Bowl Cook-off)

Thanks, Phil!

My favorite link of the entire week. (Thanks again, Phil!)

Don't get crabby.

At my office, we call it Omahahaha. Ha ha.

OmaHa! Ha! Ha!

Thanks, Peyton!!!

Peyton Penguin

Steal all the bases!

Oh, my gosh, MORE!

mean jokes

Neon green would look pretty darned cool at DIA, too... (Yes, I'm a Seattle fan AND a Denver fan.)

No.Friggin'.Way. NO! NO! NO!

This one is not funny, but a great send-off into this Super weekend.

Post Script: When all is said and done...


  1. haha well that ought to stroke their ego a bit

    1. Maybe a bit too much, in retrospect, Pat................

  2. This was great fun, SC! That rock hopper penguin was darling. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Fundy! Hope you had a great weekend, too!

  3. Goats for Seahawks! :) (And goats for Butting the Hay out of Cancer!... no matter who you root for!)

    1. Let's send all the NFL to Butt the Hay out of Cancer, Marigold!

  4. Replies
    1. I like both teams, Karen, but I hate a blowout, which is precisely what we got. :(

  5. Oh gosh, whenever I go to Cake Wrecks I get sucked in and look at way too many posts.... I must say, those nacho cupcakes are truly dreadful!

    Just when I thought Super Bowl schtick couldn't get any more extreme, the whole weed business comes along. Sheesh! (Or should I say Cheech!)

    It looks like the folks at DIA have a good sense of humour and a real sporting spirit.

    Thanks as ever for all the giggles! :)

    1. Oh, Sue, I don't know how I missed your funny tongue-in-cheech comment! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) It's good to be able to laugh these things off. Heaven only knows, my teams (which includes the Vikings) have certainly gone down enough!


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