08 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Signs of the Season

Ribbon Quilt by Deborah Conway

Prairie Star by Margo Werle

Ballroom Floor of the Titanic by Sue Lathrop

In the Pink, Jeanene Nehren

Mark's Mystery by Jenelle Fleming

Race for the Cure by Linda Harrison

Pink Fountain in Englewood

Bike Bath?


Don't Drink Pink

Think Pink

what it's all about

Pink Friday Ribbon Tree

I've known ever since I first learned a mountain in Colorado is named Hope that I would create something in honor of those who have endured a battle with cancer.  I've named my pink snowflake after Mount Hope.

Think Pink!

outline breeze

Pink Moonset

seasonal pink

Pink Waves


  1. I'm a sucker for pink quilts, so particularly enjoyed this post! What an amazing border on that Prairie Star - how did she do it?

    Thanks for all the pink reminders. :)

  2. Pink is the color of the day at your bay, very nice, just don't put pink on the cat or he'd send you dead mice lol

  3. Cool post! Thanks, Snowcatcher!

  4. Beautiful quilts. Every has turned pink. The NFL players are wearing pink gloves and shoes and the referees are tossing pink penalty flags. The pink fountain is a little disturbing.


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