17 October 2013

Indian Summer

cold-loving windflower

Dahlia tubers were dug up and winterized the night before our first freeze. Potted peppers, rosemary and eggplant were brought inside. A two-inch blanket of white covered everything. The low for two consecutive nights hit 28 degrees, and the high in between was 41. I thought the garden was a goner.

garden surprise

Bright, sunny and warm days brought back a few choice specimens. I got a full ten more days out of my 2013 garden! Plus a few surprises...

where a dahlia and a bachelor button used to be

delphinium from seed

cupid's dart fights for one last show

monkshood that refuses to die



moss rose

what's left of a pincushion out-shined by a desert-loving poppy

mountain gentians don't mind snow, or spiders

Can I come inside and get warm???

next year's praying mantises

And then my little corner of the world froze again. For a whole week! I think we're really done now. But boy, has it been an incredible summer!

past-prime lavender


  1. The weather has sure been interesting everywhere it seems. Great shots and have to watch those spiders, could bite

  2. Such exquisite photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that California poppy - the shot of gold in a blue garden!

    We pulled our basil on Friday, just in time for a severe temperature drop. I'd been covering it for several nights but the leaves were getting spotty so it was time to let it go. (Sniff.) Our tomatoes are still cowering under plastic sheeting ... I'm hoping to keep them going through this cold streak as they are COVERED with fruit and blossom.

    How exciting to think of what will come up next year in your garden!


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