16 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday

babbling beneath a rainbow

spider aspen!

clining to summer

Clash of the Seasons

make a wish

seed factory

What goes up...

...must come down

last blooms of autumn

ice to be


  1. Beautiful signs of autumn. I particularly liked the rushing water in the stream.

  2. You've captured all the best of my favorite season, Deb. Beautiful!

  3. such a lovely post
    images and words
    thank you ~

  4. o, there is a spider on the trunk. :) Your forest is soo red. We have several more species of trees so it does not turn colors that equally.

    I´d like to know what you think of my last post. Mystery Eyes.

  5. Oh, oh, oh. All so lovely. I love the rushing stream too, and the daisies (chamomile?) with aspens behind, and the great sheaf of asters with the golden slopes in the background.

  6. You have such an incredible eye for framing wonderful photos. The "spider aspen" wows me. It's such an ordinary sight, and you turned it into a work of art. I love all your autumn colors as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. thanks for visiting. Yes, I shot the smoke. Then the smoke shot told me what to do with it. :) Glad you liked it. The eyes is my granddaughter.

  8. I love your blog and I'm really glad I found it. You take fantastic photographs! I love your fall pictures. We just got our first snow that stuck here in Alaska. I love all of your snowflake patterns too - that's how I found you. I am adding your blog to my blogroll. It is always great to find good blogs to follow. I also love your slideshow of the temples. I hope I can figure out how to get that on my blog. Sorry if you get two comments from me but I think the last one got lost.

    1. Welcome, mygardenblue! Glad you're here! I know you get a lot more snow and darkness than I do, but I do love Alaska and hope to get back there again one day. (I got in a cheap trip while my brother was stationed at Elmendorf...) The temple slideshow is a widget I made from my own photos. I do believe you may well be the first person to have noticed it!!!

  9. That last photo is splendid indeed.

  10. You are a great inspiration for me! I L-O-V-E taking nature pictures, and I L-O-V-E to crochet!!! We are kindred spirits indeed! This is so amazing, I have never seen another site like this one. I only hope that one day my blog can become half as wonderful as this! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing your loves and your life for others to experience and become inspired and awed!

  11. AAHHHH!!! I could just die! Sorry to be over-posting on one blog, but I didn't know where else it would be appropriate to put this... I just found your free wallpapers!! Magnificent! Inspirational! Stupendous! Effervescent!! Heartwarming! Unconventional! I am overflowing with happiness!! I chose the picture with the like million small multi-colored clouds at sunset. =) I think you just made my entire week!

    1. Hi, Homemadeintheshade! I see you are in Colorado, too!!! Welcome! Yes, we do have kindred spirits! Maybe we can blow each other some warm air now and again when it gets chilly, and maybe we can wish each other rain when we have drought!


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