09 October 2012

Ode to a Thorn in My Back

Waterton Canyon, 2005

A comedy of errors my back has been
A jumble of mysteries since way back when
A bad disc, they thought, back in 2004
Out it must come, and into me they tore
But a bone chip where it shouldn't be
Was all that was crippling me
The disc stayed put and out came the chip
Leaving nasty arthritis to gnarl my hip
And a hole in the sciatic nerve to burn
And sear my derrière on every turn
Supplements, water and stretching galore
More sleep, less climbing than I'd done before
Winters came and winters went
Rehab and training hours were spent
Back on the bike I did jump
I had to get over this miserable hump
Progress was slow, and so was I
But all I could do was try, try, try
Peaks were reached, and some were not
I was thankful for all that I've still got
Then the blasted seven-year itch
A fence post aloof, a tumble deep in a ditch
X-rays and casts and appointments, oh my
Pills and prescriptions and drugs, oh why
The wrist would heal, but lurked inside
My back a demon that hates the ride
"No sitting, no lifting, no twisting for you,
I will steal every last thing you can do."
On the disc once again blame was placed
A one-size-fits-all diagnosis in haste
A hellish condition with no hope for a cure
No help, no healing, no relief would stir
"Ha, ha, I've got you!" the demon cooed
"You're done! You're broken! You're entirely screwed!"
He snorted for weeks that turned into months
He thought he had claimed a big blonde dunce
His teeth gnashed as I began to suspect
The rushed diagnosis may not have been entirely correct
Resolution came as I meditated and stretched
Getting my life back was not so far-fetched
Lying in wait and hidden all this time
Something inside this spine of mine
An injury deep inside the bone
A wound previously and blindly unknown
Bones can heal and regenerate
Incapacitated will not be my fate
What a comedy this back has been
What a journey has come of this tailspin
There'll be no more fear of demon sneer here
For my dear back is backed by cheer sincere

Colorado National Monument, September 2012


  1. So amazing....onward and upward to healing and living carefree....what a breath-taking photo moment! Happy trails!

  2. I'm very happy for you.

  3. are you biking again? Are you healed from the injury you had? Read the ode. Am amazed how you got it on "paper". Good luck with the biking. :)

    1. Thank you, Monica! I am indeed back on my bike. There are some things that won't heal, but some things have, unexpectedly, I might add, and I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.

  4. You are better than the pink bunny with the drum........can you see me bowing?
    You are a fighter and give me inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Maria! I think I have to make a pink bunny now...

  5. And so you're BACK.... (Cue the Gloria Gaynor.)

    You will survive! And continue to ride. And write great poetry too. :)

    P.S. What an awesome jersey in that top photo. A Phoenix, is it? Rather symbolic if so.

    1. I love that song!!! I don't think I have it on my iPhone, so now you've made me have to add it!!! Yes, that's a Phoenix. Now I have to lose weight so I can fit back into it...


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