09 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Ridgway Skyline


Unusual Autumn Color

Frosty Nights

Pretty in Pink

Frost to Dew

Glorious Morning

Good Morning, Daisy!

Kiss the Sun

Morning Bath

Late September in the Rockies


  1. Lovely close-ups. I particularly like seeing the detail of the water droplets on the leaves and some of the petals.

    1. Thanks, catsynth! Most of those droplets were crystalized by the cold overnight temperature and were just starting to warm up as the sun hit them!

  2. The second photo has such intricate detail--all those droplets--love it!

  3. You cptured these blossoms beautifully! I love the water droplets!

  4. Wow, perfect for this time of year. I love seeing such colorful and beautiful flowers when I feel like winter is closing in on us!

  5. Such beautiful flowers with their strong colors!

  6. Those mountain-backed flower photos are irresistible. :)

  7. Truly showing blooms are not just beautiful but also funky


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