01 July 2011

Friday Funny

Hinie Potty
Somewhere along the MS-150 route during Day 1's 75-mile ride, I was passed by a paceline. That happens to me all the time. Sometimes, however, the fast guys can be really funny.

"Hinies on the left!" the leader called out as a common cyclist courtesy to let me know I need to hold my handlebars straight and steady.

All the guys in the paceline chuckled. I'm sure there was an inside joke I wasn't privy to, but all my imagination could picture was a stream of half-cheeked dudes. No hineys on the right.

The last guy in the paceline gave me a punchline to which I could relate.

"We're just Hinies today," he said. "We won't be Raw until tomorrow."

blue tag specialLater in the day, another cyclist passing me asked why I have a blue tag.

"That means I am a Premium Pedaler," I replied. "Premium Pedalers raise at least $1,000."

"That's cool," he said. "What do Premium Pedalers get?"

Before I could answer, he came up with his own brainy response.

"Oh, a blue tag, right?"

Right after team photos, one of my teammates pointed out a bite of scrambled egg burrito remnants on my jersey that apparently missed my mouth.

Dang. Good thing it was a group photo. Maybe no one will notice I wore breakfast.

(I PhotoShopped my embarassing moment right out of Wordless Wednesday's shot...)

What a slob!!


  1. Ah yes, photoshopping the embarrassing stuff out of the pictures... I've done that before. I commend you for talking about it anyway!

  2. =), have a nice weekend.

  3. Thanks for bringing sunshine to my morning! Very cool!

  4. "Halfcheeked" - great word! So did they actually own the rights to that particular porta-potty, or were they just being cheeky?

    I guess it's a good thing they picked hinies as their name, instead of a few other portions of anatomy that also might get sore from too much saddle contact!

  5. Sue! You cracked me up!!! (other appendages that might get raw...)

    Raw Hinies are one of the top two teams in our MS-150 (the other being the Sugar Bees). Raw Hinies have raised the most money each year for about three years in a row now, so they get something even better than the High Roller potty. You got it: they get their very own! Although I guess if you look at the numbers, it's sort of comparable. I think about 200 or 300 share the High Roller potty, and Raw Hinies have something like 165 riders.

    Here's another bit of trivia. Raw Hinies (165ish riders) and Sugar Bees (about 200 riders, I think), were the first two teams to each raise a million dollars over the life of the team. Great West joined the Million Dollar Club this year, and we have only 56 riders!!!

    We get special team jerseys next year designating our membership in the Million Dollar Club!

  6. We all wear some type of food at some point, so no need to be embarrassed :)

  7. You aren't a slob....you are my friend!
    Just look at the miles "behind" you...all 1960 of them! Love ya!


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