28 July 2011


It's electric!
cloud dancing
Don't get wet!


  1. wow, those are beautiful, in scary way. Especially like that last one.

  2. The top one looks like a person hidden behind the cloud and the other person doing... I don't know, winding up for a pitch?

  3. Great shots ♥.

    We have here no booms, no rain...only heat....

  4. Just beautiful. I can watch a lightening storm for ever and ever.

  5. Storms are always extraordinary! Great pictures! Kisses...

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Do you have a trick for getting pics like this?

  7. I think we're having the same weather! Only I can't get pics like these. They're awesome.

  8. Beautiful! I tried to get photos like those during our last camping trip, sitting with my shutter wide open and aperture closed down but then the storm stopped. I love your photos!!!!!

  9. I love lightning photos. They are almost magical.

  10. you got some great shots of the lightening. We did have a thunderstorm the other night, but the lightening was on the wrong side of the building so I did not see them. :(


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