12 July 2011


Finish Line
Last weekend, The Lizard accomplished something he wasn't sure he could do. He hasn't been able to train much this year, so he wasn't sure he'd be able to pedal all 246 miles of the inaugural Double Triple Bypass and climb all 20,000+ feet.

I kept asking him what words he has been using to coach me up Pikes Peak next month. He tells me I can't say, "I'm not sure I can do it." He tells me I MUST believe and say, "I CAN do it. I WILL do it."

He finished the Double Triple Bypass. He was the 19th person to cross the finish line Saturday, and even though he was tired Sunday, flatted on Loveland Pass and forced to take cover during a lightning-riddled storm near Mount Evans, he still managed to finish in the top 20%. (He said he was so hungry all day Monday!)

He is pure inspiration.

Now here's yet another source of inspiration. This is the very same guy who told me on Pikes Peak last year when I stopped for a minute to breathe (for about the 70th time), "Don't you dare give up! Don't you dare turn back! You get back on that bike, and you keep going!"

He made it all the way up Pikes Peak, in spite of being paralyzed from the waist down. His injury was the same year as mine. He can't walk. I can.

This year, I will make it all the way up Pikes Peak, too. I WILL.

Dream Big


  1. That's right ... you will make it! I know you will ... look at that picture, not only a rainbow, but a double one! Blessings abound.

  2. What beautiful inspiration, Deb, for anything and everything we feel as an obstacle. Thank you.

  3. Of course you'll make it! Not a doubt in my mind! And congrats to "Lizard".

    I thought you might enjoy Deb Robson's post today http://independentstitch.typepad.com/

    Bikes, of course. :0)

  4. glad you liked my Lizard. I guess your Lizard don´t come in the same color. (giggling) :)
    You have some great rainbows there. :)

    But.. you did not find my kayaking post. It is here.
    NF kayaking

  5. Yes, you will!!!!!!!!! I can tell.

    The Lizard is inspiration, as is the paralyzed rider. I met another inspirational person on our trip. We noticed that someone else had a sportsmobile (a rare 4wd camper van), and we stopped to talk with them. The husband has ALS. When he was diagnosed, he bought the van and started living his dream. He can barely articulate words anymore due to the disease but he's riding the Leadville 100. Amazing. We were awed into silence.

    Yes, you will make it!

  6. Wow. What a story. Makes me ashamed to ever complain.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. KB, I can't help but wonder if the guy you met is the very same guy from last year's "Race Across the Sky" movie. They interview a man who has ALS, his speech is slurred, and he says he wanted to ride after he was diagnosed, but they wouldn't let him. Maybe he's convinced them exactly what he says in the movie: "100 miles of pain and suffering; what could possibly go wrong?"

    If it is indeed him, that means he married his friend, also featured in the movie because she rides even though she has MS. (And completed the Leadville 100 in the allotted time last year!!!) What a way to celebrate your final years!

  8. I LOVE this: "I CAN do it. I WILL do it." What an inspiring post - and well done on all the miles you've put in this year! Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com

  9. Woot! Woot! Go get 'em, lady! And I love when random strangers offer inspiration just as your inner voice telling you to quit is getting louder.


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