03 February 2011


Triple Bypass memories preserved
If you have a website, you should check out Wordle. Not only does it enable you to create beautiful word art based on the content of your website, it can preserve special moments in a digitally artistic way.

The masterpiece above was created the day my husband found out he had indeed been drawn for the first-ever Double Triple, after moping about all day because his notification went into his spam folder.

This one was generated from the text of one of the posts I've written about my snowflake inspirations.

Snowflake Inspirations via Wordle
And the one below, my personal favorite, is from a poem I wrote for the Lizard the year we got married. Wordle possibilities are endless. Check out this art tool, and have fun!

Ode to a Lizard


  1. Oooh, cool. Love the words.

  2. Super cool! Makes me want to read the poem:)

  3. How cool is that? I'll definitely check it out. Wouldn't they make wonderful notecards?

  4. I dig wordle. every so often I will have my students list 5-10 word or phrases about a conceot I have been teaching science. I make a wordle and I can see if the key points are big!

  5. What a neat thing, I'll have to check it out, thanks for sharing! Yours look really cool!

  6. Hey there! Thanks for that link...that was good for some time wasted! I have been reading even if I haven't been getting around to commenting.

    Congrats to Lizard on getting drawn for the double triple, and good luck starting training for all the races coming up.

  7. Very neat, thanks for the link!


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