11 February 2011

Friday Funny

Remember those Christmas cards I was trying to get finished? Way back in December? Um, they never made it through the printer.

In 2009, I couldn't get the old printer to work, and in 2010, the new printer couldn't get me to work.

So I thought I'd do January cards. But those never made it through the printer, either. Actually, they never made it onto the computer screen...

ALL my cards were mailed this week. So if you're on my Christmas card list, you shouldn't be looking at this picture (that includes you, AlyeskaAurora!!!), and please don't read the poem below. You should have the real thing by Monday! I FINALLY got them done! On time! Just not in time for Christmas.

Happy Valentine's Day!
'Twas two months after Christmas and all through the town
the lights and the stockings were all taken down.
Through the snow and the ice and the wind with such sting,
all the creatures and humans hope it soon will be spring.
And we with our bikes on the trainers prepare
for the day we can smell wildflowers in the crisp mountain air.
This greeting is painfully late, as you see,
but that doesn't mean it has any less glee!

Merry belated Christmas, a luck-filled deferred New Year, happy overdue Groundhog Day and tons of timely love this Valentine's Day!


  1. I love your poem! The people on your Christmas card list are really lucky folks to get such a wonderful card in February. I love it!

    Thanks so much for visting my site and for the kind words about the doily.

    If you want roses, you can do here to add them to your blog:


    Wishing you a wonderful day. :)

  2. Ha, ha! Happy Everything to you and The Lizard, too!

  3. So very sweet..and perfect for Valentine's Day! Have a happy...happy!!!

  4. I love it! What a great idea and why not an annual tradition??? In fact, I just received a Valentine's greeting from a friend who didn't get her Christmas cards out either. It's perfect!

  5. I just got the Christmas letter from Aunt and Uncle, lol. You're not alone. :) Too cute though!


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