22 February 2011

Scrambled Signals

Snowflake Patterns to benefit multiple sclerosis
Yesterday I learned one of my readers never received the snowflake pattern booklet I sent via email back in January. Over the weekend I learned one of my Etsy friends had found all my lost emails to her in her spam folder.

I check my spam folder every day because, unfortunately, things I really want end up in the spam folder on a regular basis, and no matter how many times I mark as spam the garbage that DOES get delivered, it still comes to my inbox. (I have no need of dating services, I'm quite capable of finding education on my own, and I really don't need medical enhancement!) Aaaaargh!

I love modern technology! But it is frustrating when you send something electronically, and it never gets there.

If you made a contribution to the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in my name or my husband's name and did not receive the booklet I emailed, please let me know, and I will try to get it to you one way or another.

If you have emailed me with questions or comments and have not received a response, please let me know. I do try to reply to every email, if I am able. I promise not to ignore anyone! (Well, except spammers...)


  1. I know what you mean about the spam. I just deleted 351 spam messages... ><; Yeesh. Luckily, most of my spam goes to the spam box, and most of the non spam ends up in the folders or inbox. Though I do check once in awhile...

  2. yea, junkmail can be a problem. Well, if you get that much junkmail as the first comment here, you need a new mailbox. I have my spamfunction switched of. Why should I go there to check? It is extra job.
    Godo luck with the fund-raising.

  3. peace and hope for healthy streams of communication

  4. I suppose I should check my spam folder. I forget about it until I hear things like this. =D Thank you very much, I am truly happy with my American English version of your snowflake pattern book. Good luck with your fundraising and cycle on!!!


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