01 February 2011

Project Blizzard, Part II

White Christmas in Alabama
winter blooms
a new greeting card
finally finished
glow in the dark yarn
first-ever 60 miles in a day in January
What a face!
glow hearts
This was a difficult month. January was worse than November, and I did not anticipate that. I really had to work hard this month to manufacture smiles where there were none. But now we're almost to February, the 2011 Ride the Rockies route will be announced this weekend, and spring is on the way. Got a big happy shot in the arm last Tuesday, and I still smile when I think about that joyful experience. I made my first ever cheesecake last weekend, and I did it without sugar. Yes, it tastes great.

By golly, I'm going to make it through this winter!

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  1. Yeah, sun is shining and the birds are singing. I think the winter is beaten.

    Still, we have 50 cm snow aaaarrrrgggghhhh :).

  2. I love how the light comes through the yellow/green yarn. Beautiful picture.

    I hope February will be a better month for you!

  3. Oh my goodness. Sooo many of these shots are amazing. I need to start stretching my photographic muscles. You are obviously a body builder : )

  4. oh, yum for cheesecake! do you have a link to the recipe, or is it one you created yourself? i hope february is fabulous for you! :-)

  5. They're all great photos, but the one I keep going back to is the cute crocheted sea turtles! Cheesecake, huh?

  6. welcome to February. I posted some smile creating jazz yesterday. Hope one of the four can do the same for you.

  7. Sorry January was difficult for you. Here's to a better February and lots of smiles! Love your photos and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  8. I always love your photos! I'm so glad to hear you ended up with great news last Tuesday. Sorry to hear January was a difficult month for you. I'm hoping you'll have a wonderful February. I know I always love when the longer days return and the snow melts quickly.
    Deb @ RaisingFigureSkaters.com

  9. So sorry this was such a hard month for you. Know that you are not alone and yes, spring is on it's way...

    Thanks for sharing your photos. Always make me smile.

  10. We all go through tough times in life and you just have to trudge through it all. I loved reading about the ski poles and the ring.


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