28 December 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Hey, guys, I think we're going the wrong way.
Hey there, Sweet Thing...
You sure smell nice!
You had your chance.
Which way do I go?
The Boss


  1. Great pics. I like the third one most.

  2. Fantastic shots of these magnificent creatures!

  3. What magnificent animals. It is easy to see why they are called Bighorn Sheep. Beautiful photographs!

  4. Absolutely beautiful animals..and so wonderfully captured. WOW!

  5. Fabulous. What horns those males have! It's amazing to see the one clambering gracefully down a slope of boulders... Thanks for sharing with us!

    BTW, I didn't get to comment on Monday but I loved the mountain photo, with the red rock and snow.

  6. Great close-ups! I like the first one where the one ram is looking towards the camera :)

  7. Gorgeous photos! Happy WW - thanks for stopping by!

  8. HEE HAW! Great minds think alike!
    Love your photos.

  9. These are great! I love the 4th from the top, she (he?) looks like just about to speak...

  10. I feel like I am right there. Wow! Is there a love button on your blog? Love, love your photos.

  11. Stunning pictures and gorgeous subjects! Nicely done!!!


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