04 December 2010

Sock Yarn Heaven

Sock Yarn FeverI bought my first Etsy yarn this week, and boy, was it ever hard to choose! There are too many luscious flavors, and too many of them leave me drooling!


  1. Ooooh pretty yarn... What did you end up picking? I love the LunaBudKnits and SpaceCadetCreation colors.

  2. These are gorgeous..inspiring me to pick up my knitting again.

  3. Pretty...I like your turkey above :)

  4. Oh fun!!!! So many pretty colors! I finally tried your flakes! :0) http://lisaschaos.com/crocheted-snowflake/

  5. such lovely yarn to choose from; wondering which one you decided on. Just found your blog through Lisa's Chaos and her fabulous snowflake :)

  6. They all look really pretty!

  7. Yarn shopping is always hard! Even when I have something specific in my head, once I'm standing in front of all that yarny goodness, my brain wanders! =D


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