03 December 2010

Friday Funny


  1. I love that he cares so much when the woman tells him he's bad. Hilarious!

  2. Hey, an ornament with blinking eyes. That is so cute. One Christmas when my daughter lived at home with her cats, we had our tree up and I could hear this noise over and over in the entryway/hallway by the living room. Pop, slide, ping! I finally got up to check it out. The kitty had stood on the fireplace hearth, leaned on the tree branches, taken one of my crystal ornaments off with her teeth, then proceeded to play hockey with it on the tile. The ping noise was the ornament hitting the baseboards. She's black and white and my favorite "joke" at the time was "What's black, white and red all over?"

  3. So sweet! The cat is just so darn innocent and thinks nothing of it. Adorable! Thanks for sharing.


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