17 December 2010

Friday Funny

And here is the link, in case you are unable to view it above.


  1. Here is another funny clip :)

  2. Too funny..too sweet. What a good-natured cat!

  3. That is one patient cat. Mine wouldn't sit long enough to look at the paper, let around be wrapped in it.

  4. That's great! Thanks for the laugh to start the weekend!
    Deb @ RaisingFigureSkaters.com

  5. Amazing the cat stayed still for it all! Very cute.

  6. That is too funny! Whenever I think of wrapped cats I think of the National Lampoon christmas movie.

  7. My girls would NEVER tolerate that. Especially seating them on the paper--no way.

  8. I cannot believe that cat sits there so sweetly while being wrapped up. Amazing!!!


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